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In Pack to Spain we know that moving to a different country is an amazing adventure that can be stressful at the beginning. But don’t worry, we’re here to help international students and expats that are moving to Spain get everything they need to get settled and have an amazing experience in our country. Living in Spain is amazing and you’ll discover why.


Finding accommodation in Spain is essential to have a great experience and we’ll help you get a room in “no time”!

Welcome Services

You will need more than a room when moving to Spain and we’ll get you ready with a welcome package of services


Living in Madrid is also about the experience. We’ll have activities and trips where you’ll meet amazing people!

Full Assistance

If you have any questions or need any help we’ll be by your side. Our goal is that you enjoy Madrid as much as we do!

Get Settled in Madrid

Studying or working in Spain involves a lot of procedures and we’ll help you through the process of getting settled in Madrid and we’ll solve any doubts that you may have when moving to Spain!

Find Accommodation

The first thing to do when moving to Spain is to find an apartment, right? We’ll help you do that in no time. We know that finding a room to live in is tought but we’ll be by your side.

Enjoy the Journey

Living in Spain is not only about studying or working but also about the culture and having fun! Find trips to discover Spain, activities to meet new people and resources to help you in the Pack to Spain Club!

Services to Get Settled

This are the services that we offer to get settled in Madrid and make your experience moving to Spain much easier


Finding a room in a shared apartment in Madrid can be complicated but don’t worry, we’ve got some options! Check out all the apartments for rent in Spain and choose the one that suits you best

Bank Account

Setting up a bank account is a lengthy process and that’s why we will have it ready on your first day. You’ll be able to make transfers and use the online banking system without paying any commission fees

Transport Card

Moving around Madrid is essential and that’s why you will need your public transport card. You will be able to use it in the metro, the bus or the short distance trains (Cercanías) for a fixed monthly price

Mobile Phone/SIM Card

Mobile Phone/SIM Card

Mobile Phone/SIM Card

You will probably need to use your phone after moving to Spain, right? We’ll provide a SIM Card with internet access so you can keep in touch with your friends and loved ones while living in Madrid

Health Insurance

The Health Insurance will help you get the best treatment in Spanish medical centers. You will have a full coverage in case something happens while you are studying or working in Spain


You will need to learn Spanish while you live here, right? Thanks to our partners you will have different options and courses to learn Spanish and get the most out of your experience in Spain

Packages that make things easier

You can also get one of the packages of services that will help you moving to Spain. You can get the Basics Pack or the Like a Sir pack for a better experience

Basics Pack

Bank Account

Transport Card

SIM Card

The Basics Pack is a great option for people moving to Madrid as it includes the Spanish Bank Account, the Public Transport Card and the SIM Card. The basic services that you will need to get settled in Madrid.

Like a Sir Pack

Basics Pack

Airport Pickup

2 hrs. Settling

The Like a Sir Experience is the ultimate service to get settled in Madrid. Don’t worry about the paperwork and stuff, we got you covered. We will pick you up from the airport and help you signing the contract and getting everything ready!


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Club Pack to Spain for people living in Madrid

Discover our international club

Living in a different country is about the experience and meeting awesome people, right?

That’s why we created the Pack to Spain Club. A meeting point to all those international residents that are moving to Spain and would like to meet people and have a great time in Madrid. Live a true Spanish experience by hanging out with locals and have tons of fun meeting other international students and expats in our activities!






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