When should you arrive to Madrid?

The exact date for coming to Madrid is usually a problem for the people that do not have any relatives or friends in Spain. Buying your plane ticket ahead of time is the obvious good choice unless you have some friends in the airlines… 🙂 However, you have to know a few things before choosing the final date:

1. University

You must check when do your classes start (this was easy) and see if international students are required to come before that date for receiving orientation lessons. Getting familiar to the public transportation system should be at the top of your checklist, Madrid is big and sometimes messy and there are usually several ways to get to one point. Don’t worry, we will help you with that ;). Universities do not usually require to come specially prepared but there are several paperwork deadlines that you are supposed to comply with, check them out.

2. Do not come on the first weeks of August without a plan

Spain, as you may know, is a very sunny country but there are huge climate differences every 150-200 kms. Madrid has a fairly extreme climate for being in the South of Europe so most of its population flees on July and August. Temperatures are well over 35 degrees celsius even during nights so making friends and enjoying your first days abroad can be very challenging. If you want to make the most out of your experience and come a few weeks or months before starting classes, take into account that Madrid is not the place where you want to be for long. We recommend to organize trips to the coast or mountains and enjoy all the music festivals and historic places you can find with our friends of Your Little Spain.

Pack to spain trip to segovia


3. Party!

We got you where you wanted to be! 😉 September is the heasing month for the residences in Madrid so there are a lot of parties and gatherings in some parks and special places that only these people know. For living the Spanish experience, we recommend you to make friends from the residences and get access to those big parties. Explore Madrid as much as you can, there is always something to do here and depending on the zone, you will have a different type of pub, not everything is latin music!





As you know we will help you when you arrive to Madrid by setting up a bank account, getting the health insurance, a transport card, cell phone and even finding the accomodation with one of our packs. 

Anyway, write in the comments when are you coming and we will help you with whatever you want.



Yago Cousiño
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