Where to Watch EURO 2016 Games in Spain [INFOGRAPHIC]


Where to Watch EURO 2016 Games in Spain [INFOGRAPHIC]

It is already a known fact that football (or soccer as our American friends call it) is big in Spain. Just to have an idea, if you want to go to the theater or the movies in Madrid the best day to go is when Atlético de Madrid and Real Madrid are playing against each other. Those days the streets will be almost empty and the whole city will be yours to do what you like without anyone annoying you.

But let’s get to the important stuff. If you are reading this post is because are as crazy about football (or soccer) as we are and you want to know how and where to watch the remaining games of the Euro 2016 here in Spain, right? Well, you can check the games of the second round of the Euro 2016 in this infographic!

EURO 2016 – 2nd round



All the games that are not in telecinco can be watched in uefa.com and here is the official schedule.

Of course, you can always go to a bar and enjoy the games in the company of other international students, expats, auxiliares or locals who will be there watching it with a couple beers!

We will be posting more infographics about the upcoming games. You should sign up to our club and like our facebook page so you don’t miss them! And if you found this useful, please share the love 😉

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