Transport Card

to move around Madrid

Transport Card in Madrid

Get the Public Transport Card that you will be using to move around Madrid!

With the Public Transport Card issued by the Consorcio de Transportes de Madrid you will be able to move around the public transport system of Madrid. The Transport Card includes the use of the Metro network, the buses and the Short Distance Train (Cercanías) in the city.

All the Public Transport Options to Move Around Madrid

Fixed Monthly Rate

Move all Around Madrid


KM of Metro in Madrid


Metro Stations in Madrid


Buses in Madrid


KM of Short Distance Train (Cercanías)

Madrid Public Transport Card

The transport card offers several benefits. It is perfect for international students and expats that will be living in the center of Madrid and need to move around

All the Public Transport Options

The Transport Card  grants you access to the Metro network, the bus lines and the short distance train known as Cercanías of Madrid. You can use it anytime you want to get to different parts of the city without having to pay extra.

For a Fixed Monthly Price

There are different monthly prices depending on your age and the areas that you want to travel to. For people younger than 26 years, the fixed price is 20€ per month. More information about prices here.

To Move Anywhere around Madrid

With the transport card you can get to any area of the Community of Madrid that you desire. Whether it is by train, bus or metro, everything is connected and you will be able to get there!

Madrid Public Transport Options

The Public Transport Card allows you to use the Metro, the Buses and the Short Distance Train (Cercanías) in Madrid and its outer areas

metro-madrid-public transport


The metro de Madrid is the most used public transport method in Madrid. It accounts with almost 300km of lines and over 300 stations all around the city.

Cercanias madrid transport


The short distance train, also known as “Cercanías”, connects Madrid with its exteriors and other Autonomous communities.

It has 9 main lines with over 80 train stations around Madrid. The most popular are: Sorl, Atocha, Nuevos Ministerios and Príncipe Pío.

  • Get the Cercanías map here
  • Check the schedule here

On a working day, the trains begin operating between 5:00 am and 5:30 am until midnight.

EMT Bus Network Madrid


The buses in Madrid are regulated by the EMT which is a company that belongs to the Consorcio de Transportes. There are over 2000 buses that cover more than 3500 km in Madrid and it’s outer areas.

It is a great public transport option to move from the city to the outer towns.

The most important bus hubs in Madrid are in Moncloa, Avenida de América and Plaza de Castilla.

  • Check the buses map here
  • Check the schedule here

Monthly Prices of the Public Transport Card

There are different monthly rates depending on your age and the areas that you will be moving to. To check all the prices you can visit

  • Young (less than 26 years)

    • 20€ per month
    • Area A: Included
    • Area B1: Included
    • Area B2: Included
    • Remaining Areas: Included

  • Normal (over 26 years)

    • Starting at 54,60€ per month
    • Area A: 54,60€ per month
    • Area B1: 63,70€ per month
    • Area B2: 72,00€ per month
    • Remaining Areas: Visit

Public Transport Areas of Madrid

Here are the different areas of the city where you could go with the Public Transport Card


  • Area A – Stations located around the center of Madrid.
  • Area B1 – Area A plus the following areas: Alcobendas, Alcorcón, Cantoblanco, Coslada, Facultad de Informática (sólo línea 591), Getafe, Leganés, Paracuellos del Jarama (menos Urb. Los Berrocales, Belvis), Pozuelo de Alarcón, Urbanizaciones del término Rivas-Vaciamadrid, San Fernando de Henares, San Sebastián de los Reyes (C.U.).
  • Area B2 – Ajalvir, Belvis y Los Berrocales Urb. (Municipio de Paracuellos del Jarama), Boadilla del Monte, Fuenlabrada, Fuente del Fresno Urb. (Municipio de San Sebastián de los Reyes), Las Matas (Municipio de Las Rozas de Madrid), Las Rozas de Madrid, Majadahonda, Mejorada del Campo, Móstoles, Parla, Pinto, Rivas-Vaciamadrid, Torrejón de Ardoz, Tres Cantos, Velilla de San Antonio (C.U.), Villaviciosa de Odón.

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