The Ideal Daily Routine for Students and Entrepreneurs [Infographic]

ideal daily routine

The Ideal Daily Routine for Students and Entrepreneurs [Infographic]


Every so often, as the time goes by during the day, I’m wondering: Do I take advantage of the day? Am I keeping a good lifestyle?

Sometimes, despite of waking up early and doing our duties during the day, we feel tired and our daily goal is to finish the work as soon as possible to lie in the couch.

I was curious about how great people like the CEO’s of big companies or the greatest minds, such as the Dalai Lama, find the balance during the day to work so much and still be active. I realized that the most important factor is to be HAPPY.

The article of American Express Hack Your Day: Morning to Nighttime Habits of Highly Successful People gives us a good perspective of it. Therefore, I dug around and found some answers for an ideal daily routine that would benefit everyone, from students to big time entrepreneurs.


The early bird will catch the worm”. You should wake up early. The earlier you begin the day, the more time you’ll have to get things done. Moreover, you’ll also get a good night sleep. Stop watching Game of Thrones until 3 pm. and make sure you get plenty of rest every night.


If you are not able to do exercise in the morning, figure out another moment during the day to do it. Go for a walk in spite of taking the public transport or the car and take the stairs rather than the elevator. It’s not about running 100000 km, It’s about exercising regularly.


You should have some time during the day for you. Reading, meditation… there are a lot of ways to take care about your physical and mental health. It’s important to have a strong mindset. However, it’s not just about books or individual exercises. Relationships are also important. You should have time to spend with your family and friends.


Food is fuel. Research shows that specific nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids and complex carbs actually make you feel happier. If you eat healthy, you’ll be able to do the most that your body can do and fight against sicknesses and the feeling of weariness. Superfoods are a good proof of it.

daily routine infographic


So now you know what a good lifestyle should have! There are many other habits that we left behind but we think that these were the most important! If you know any others, please share them!

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Written by @alexnovoa92

Alejandro Luengo

CEO & Founder of @packtospain. Entrepreneur | English and Spanish speaking | Always seeking new challenges and building stuff

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