How to Store Your Stuff When Planning Your Erasmus

Erasmus, here I come!


“Imagine, I am only a 19 years old travel addict marketing student and, guess what, my life is about to change! – were my thoughts two years ago. And I was right!

Everything began on Monday (I still remember it clearly). Routinely, I was heading to my morning classes: two hours of Statistics, two more of Economics, and of course some long and non-exciting hours of Higher math. Frankly, it was not the most interactive and entertaining year of my life as a student. I needed some changes. Little did I know that just around the corner was waiting an opportunity that would change my life remarkably.

The opportunity quite surprisingly took the face of my friend Marta. She caught me on the go and within five minutes convinced to sign up for the Erasmus program. “Come on, it’s the high time for adventure!” – she said. And I was just nodding excitedly.

Soon, after countless hours of online research, paperwork and at least three shots of espressos, I found my destination – be-e-e-autiful and magical Portugal! By the way, have you ever wondered why Harry Potter and other Hogwarts students wore long, dark coats? Trust me, the answer lies within old Portuguese school traditions.

Okay, back to my story now. Naturally, it did not take me long to start crossing boarders in my mind, imagining how I would surf, study and explore Aveiro, the stunning Portuguese Venice. This indeed was a huge step for a girl like me – It would be the first time in my life, living abroad for a whole year!

Where do I leave my stuff though? What should I bring with me? And the money – will it be enough to survive? All these questions occasionally bumped into my head, but, carelessly, I would frighten them off. Sure, I was aware that the Erasmus would leave a hole in my pocket – I will have to pay for the new accommodation in Portugal, as well as to keep on paying the rent in Spain.

Marta, who convinced me to take part in this journey, suggested to sublease the apartment until I return. The idea was good, but I was not sure if I wanted to leave the apartment to someone else. After all my belongings were still there. Thanks to Gettabox though, I did not have to worry about that.

Three days before my flight, I googled for Gettabox and soon enough was checking their website – It turned out to be a real deal-breaker and I decided to give it a try. First thing that I noticed was their friendly, intuitive and open-minded attitude. In only a few steps I was able to sign up with my debit card and PayPal account – easy and very convenient. Moreover, I was utterly surprised that so many services were free of charge: up to 30 polypropylene containers to store stuff; free drop-off, pick-up and delivery back to the warehouse; photo inventory etc.

Furthermore, I would not even have to calculate the required space. I just ordered five additional containers (again, free of charge) that appeared quite large on the inside, carried up to 25 kg and were waterproof – Gettabox would charge me only for the boxes that I used. A real deal-breaker, indeed!

Anyways, I placed an order for ten eco-friendly boxes (yes, I am a lady with lots of belongings), booked a pick-up of my new bicycle and a snowboard (surprisingly, even this was free of charge!), and asked to come by my place at around 10 am (I really appreciated that time flexibility that Gettabox offered for an immediate pick-up). Pretty excited about such a good outcome, I started packing and falling into nostalgia.

Soon enough the next day’s 10 am arrived and I heard the knocks on my doors. Little did I know that the Gettabox guys would actually wait for 30 minutes while I stuff up the containers – so, hip-hip-hurray, no haste for me then!

Somehow I managed to put all my clothes, shoes (especially the shoes!) and household goods into 5 boxes only. Within 15 minutes I stuffed up the containers and scanned barcodes on the containers to activate my personal Cloud Storage Account.

Guys in branded T-shirts suggested that I take pictures to build up a photo inventory while they would take care of the rest of the stuff. It was indeed pretty cool (and the best thing offered by Gettabox). I would not have to waste my time remembering, sorting out and jotting down items per container. I just snapped some photos of the content of each container and uploaded directly into my Cloud Storage Account on Gettabox. Now if I missed my shoes, I would know exactly where to find them.

Anyways, everything finished faster than I expected. Guys sealed my boxes, took the bike, snowboard, empty boxes that I did not use, and drove back to the warehouse to store my stuff. Wow, that was pretty fast! Only 25 minutes to pack all my belongings, scan the barcodes, snap photos (and some selfies), seal boxes and say “sayonara” to the delivery team! Boom, within some 30 minutes I received a bill from Gettabox for the five boxes that I actually used – and that was it!

Well, the most depressing part of the departure had been sorted and I was about to spend my last few days in Madrid the way I wanted to – hanging out with friends, family, doing plenty of talking, and drinking Tinto de Verano at Plaza Major! Precious moments!

Surely one person was missing. Marta could not join us: she was still packing and booking a van to deliver her stuff to a self-storage unit next day. In a few days I ran into her by the check-in desk at Adolfo Suarez airport – she looked quite sleepy and exhausted. No wonder why!

By the way, after I returned home, Gettabox, once again, allowed me to save time by not going to the storage unit – I simply tapped a button on my mobile phone and got everything back within hours, safe and sound! Unfortunately, Marta was not that lucky: she had to take a cab to go to the self-storage unit right from the airport, haul her stuff out, finish some paperwork and wait for a van to deliver everything back.

Anyways, this year I have got a scholarship and I am heading for Thailand for my next Erasmus Mundus experience. Guess, where I will store my stuff this time?

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Alejandro Luengo

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