Spanish football fans, get to know them
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Spanish football fans, get to know them

If you vaguely followed the UEFA Euro in France, you must have noticed that there are awesome supporters out there. Irish have taught the world how to bring the party to France and there are plenty of videos where they serenate a girl, score goals in windows, pay for the damages they cause in the best way possible or simply enjoy their time out of their rainy country. Icelanders are the other fans that are making their small country proud, when more than 5% of your country is at the stadium rooting for you, you better work your ass out!

If you are coming to Spain, you better know from our guide that football is really really important here, football, not soccer you Americans, creates friendships and breaks families into fights during Sundays. Today I want to bring you the best fans in Spain and how we support our teams down here. Maybe we don’t chant as synchronized as Germans or we don’t get  as crazy as Balcanic people, because ummm, we have rules inside the stadium ;).

The most famous clubs are Barcelona and Real Madrid but their fans are maybe better known by the huge amount of supporters and their big traditions rather than being noisy or creative. Despite that, both El Bernabeu and Camp Nou are big and mighty arenas which have an incredible atmosphere in Champions League, go and ask the rest of Europeans clubs.

Real Oviedo is one of the most historic clubs in Spain, after more than a decade out of La Liga, it suffered big economic problems and it was saved by their own fans. Despite being in the third and fourth league for a few years, their supporters filled their 30,000+ stadium and created one of the best environments in Spain. Check it out.



Now we are moving to the South, in Seville there are two big teams that fight for supremacy. Betis and Sevilla FC have a big rivalry on the field and out of it. Two of the most loyal fanbases in Spain manage to impress every team that faces them in Seville with their amazing chants and the big pressure they put on the away teams. Both El Pizjuán and El Benito Villamarín are big traditional stadiums that give their teams lots of points. Sevilla FC has maybe the best anthem in Spanish football and their fans sing it a capella with ease. Betis has one of the most noisy and cheerful supporters despite their recent so-so results.



Other clubs that enjoy full stadiums and chants every few minutes are Atlético de Madrid, Valencia and Cádiz. Atlético and Valencia have been supported by their fans in their away games all over Europe. But Cadiz fans have one of the most fun and creative set of songs and they can improvise pretty well as Real Madrid suffered in the last Copa del Rey ;).



There are lots of goods fanbases, but wherever you go for watching football, you should remember a few things.

Firstly, the referee is never right if the call is against your team. You should express your opinion as loud as you can.

Secondly, making fun of the rivals is a must.

Thirdly, if the ball comes to you, you must try to hide it from the staff and try to take it home with you.

Then, the away goalkeeper is always the objective of all the jokes of the stadium, have one prepared.

Lastly, enjoy, you are in Spain :).  

Yago Cousiño
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