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To communicate when you are in Spain

SIM Card in Spain

Get the SIM Card for Spain that you can use during your stay!

With the Public Transport Card issued by the Consorcio de Transportes de Madrid you will be able to move around the public transport system of Madrid. The Transport Card includes the use of the Metro network, the buses and the Short Distance Train (Cercanías) in the city.

All the SIM Card options: Standard, Micro or Nano

Stay Connected with 3G and 4G Internet Connection

Cheap and Customizable Monthly Rates


All Over Spain


per Month


for 1€


with 2GB or More

SIM Card for Spain

Getting a SIM Card in Spain has several benefits as you will be able to communicate with your friends without having to use Roaming. It is cheap and perfect for those that will be living in Spain a few months.

Fully Customizable

You can add 200MB for 1€ whenever you want. You are able to change your SIM Card monthly rate and characteristics at any time. Include calls or internet MB in you Control Panel on their webpage or App.

Mi Lowi App

You can check your SIM Card consumption via the mobile App. You will also be able to download and check your invoices, configure your settings, share the MBs with other friends and adjust your monthly rate.

Accumulate unused MBs

Don’t worry about not spending all your internet MBs one month, they will be accumulated so you can use them the following month! If you haven’t used them you will not lose them.

Without Permanency Contract

The contract does not have permanency conditions which is great. They will not charge if you want to cancel the contract or change to a different company. We’re not sure why you would want to though…

No HIdden Charges

There areno hidden fees with this SIM Card contract. If you spend all your MBs you will not be charged extra, they just reduce the download speed to 32 kbps. A bit slow but remember that you can add 200MB for 1€!

Pay for What You Talk

With the transport card you can get to any area of the Community of Madrid that you desire. Whether it is by train, bus or metro, everything is connected and you will be able to get there!


As we said, the monthly rate can be modified and adjusted depending on your preferences. Here are a couple examples of monthly rates that could be applied:



This option is the best if you will use your phone mostly to communicate via Whatsapp or other communication App. It includes:

  • 1GB of internet
  • 0 cent/min calls with 0,18€ of call establishment



This option is perfect if you are always checking Social Media Networks with your phone. 2GBs is usually good enough to check Instagram, Facebook and even play Pokemon GO. This rate includes:

  • 2GB of internet
  • 0 cent/min calls with 0,18€ of call establishment



This would be the best rate for someone that will also make calls because you can get 120 minutes without any charges (no call establishment either for those 120 minutes). It also has 2GB of internet for you to check stuff online. It includes:

  • 2GB of internet
  • 120 minutes for national calls

These are just examples of the different rates that you could expect with our SIM Card in Spain. You can check all the options in


If you also need a phone in addition to your SIM Card, contact us and we’ll get it for you!

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