Public Transport Card

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With the transport card service, you will have the Madrid Public Transport Card ready upon your arrival to Madrid so you can have access to the public transport system since day one. We will get it ready and you will just need to send us in advance the following:

  • A copy of your passport
  • A Passport size picture

You will not need to worry about making an appoinment and waiting in endless queues as we will get it ready for you!


Public Transport Card in Madrid

The transport card will let you move around Madrid for a fixed price that depends on your age and the areas that you will be moving to.

  • It includes the use of Metro, Buses and Short Distance Train (Cercanías)
  • Fixed monthly price that includes all the transport options and different areas
  • You will get the card on your first day! So you don’t have to spend extra money

The Madrid Public Transport Card is the best way to move around Madrid if you don’t have a car here.

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