Health Insurance


With this service, we will get the Private Sanitas Health Insurance ready for when you get to Madrid. We’ll help with all the paperwork so you only have to worry about signing the papers when you get here. The private health insurance will cover all your needs while you study or work in Spain.

Sanitas guarantees quality private medical care, from prevention to the most complex treatment, without waiting lists, access to consultations and diagnostic testing through the most prestigious medical network on the market.


Health Insurance in Spain

We’ll guide you through the process of getting a Private Health Insurance in Spain. The prices of the Health Insurance vary depending on the age and the complements included but these are the normal prices:

  • Age 16-19: 54,90€
  • Age 20-24: 50,90€
  • Age 25-29: 52,90€
  • Age 30-34: 54,90€

The best insurance option for international residents that are working or studying in Spain.


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