Pub Crawl in Madrid

The experience of our first Pub Crawl!

This is how our first Pub Crawl was!

We definitely had a blast this Friday.
The night started a bit late, we didn’t realize that we were in Spain and punctuality is not one of our main traits.  It may be better to change the meeting time for the next Pub Crawl and set it at 22:00 so we are all ready at 22:45!

The wait wasn’t bad at all, it was even cool! We met each other and started to know a little more about the people that joined us. It was fun! We had a wide variety of nationalities. People from South America, England, Hungary… and, of course, Spaniards!

We danced as if we were crazy, drank a little bit and had a lot of fun! Madrid is a great city with places to relax during the day and a great variety of nightlife options. Partying near Sol is cool because it’s the heart of Madrid, a place with many pubs and clubs to have fun.  And what’s even better is that there are not only pubs but also food places with typical Spanish food, Mcdonalds or Pappizza as well!!

Some people finished the party earlier than others but that wasn’t a problem at all! We met great people, we danced a lot and we surely had fun! We even had a photographer dedicated to take pictures the whole night and they don’t lie…


Pub Crawl Pack to Spain in Madrid


There are more pictures in our Facebook page! If you want to see them you should like our page!

For those of you that have not done it yet, you should join our club to be the first to know about our next activity we don’t know if it will be a Pub-crawl, something outside, cooking classes or what but we assure you that there will be a next and it’s going to be fun!

Written by @alexnovoa92

Alejandro Luengo

CEO & Founder of @packtospain. Entrepreneur | English and Spanish speaking | Always seeking new challenges and building stuff

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