Like a Sir Pack

The best option to get settled in madrid

Like a Sir Pack

With the Like a Sir Pack you will get everything that you need to start enjoying life in Madrid since day one!

Arriving in a different city that you don’t know can be a bit stressful. That’s why we will help you get settled in Madrid as soon as you arrive. With this package of services you will get everything that you need to start living in Spain and we will help you in the process of getting ready for Madrid!

Everything that's included in the Basics Pack

Pickup from the airport the day you arrive

2 hrs. of help signing the contract and getting settled

The best experience to start living in Spain

Don’t worry about dealing with landlords and not understanding what’s going on during your first day. We’ll give you a hand!

All you need to get settled

All the services from the Basics Pack are included in this package. You will have a Bank Account, the Transport Card and a SIM Card ready when you get to Madrid. If you need anything else, you just need to let us know!

Forget about the public transport

You will have plenty of time to use the public transport system when you get to Madrid. Don’t get stressed trying to figure out how the metro works on your first day after a long flight. We’ll pick you up!

We've got you covered!

We know that contracts and paperwork can be complicated. That’s why we will help you on your first day living in Spain. We’ll take you to the apartment, help you with the landlord and the contract and explain you everything.

How do you get the Like a Sir Pack?

Easy, you just need to follow these simple steps

living in spain

1. Buy the Like a Sir Pack in our web

You can do this in this page. Add the Like a Sir pack to the cart and complete the payment process. You can pay with PayPal to be totally protected! After you buy the package you will receive an email.

expats and students living in spain

2. You will receive an email with a few questions

This email will have some questions about why you are coming to Madrid, where you will be studying or working and when is your first day living in Spain. We will also ask for a passport size picture and a scanned copy of your passport.

Reply to our email

3. Answer the questions and send us the documents

Once you send us the documents and the information we will be ready to start preparing the services. We need the passport copy and the picture to get the Bank Account, the Public Transport Card and the SIM Card ready for when you start living in Spain!

services living in spain

4. We’ll get the services ready with the information provided

With the documentation we will get the services ready for you so you can start using them on your first day. Everything will be simple and we will only need a couple of emails from you. Everything is better when it’s easy!


5. We will accompany you on your first day in Madrid!

When you arrive to Madrid we’ll pick you up and take you to your apartment! We will help you get settled and we will explain you how all the services work so you can start using the Bank Account, the SIM and the Transport Card!

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