Health Insurance

for expats and students in Spain

Health Insurance in Spain

All your medical needs will be covered with Sanitas, one of the most important Health Insurance companies of Spain

With the Health Insurance in Spain granted by Sanitas you will have all your medical needs covered. Primary care, surgeries, hospitalizations and any other medical issues that may occur during your stay in Spain. Sanitas offers one of the best insurance policies in Spain.

Access to the Best Hospitals in Spain

With All Specialties Included

24 Hour Support in English




Care Centers


Owned Hospitals

24 hr

Helpline with English Support

Private Medical Insurance in Spain

Sanitas offers a full coverage solution perfect for international students and expats that are moving to Madrid. A complete solution that will guarantee your medical care in Spain.

Primary Care and All Specialties

The Health Insurance with Sanitas in Spain offers primary care with general medicine, paediatrics and emercency services as well as access to all specialties: dermatology, ophthalmology, gynaecology, etc.

Complete Solution

It is a complete solution that will cover diagnostic tests, therapeutic methods such as rehabilitation or oncological treatments; surgical operations, hospitalization and even dental coverage with more than 30 services included.

With 24hr Customer Support

The customer support works 24 hours with telephone service for emergencies and medical advice. They include a 24 hour helpline to carry out procedures in English as well as a mobile App where you can make appointments.

Insurance Complements for International Residents

The insurance policy is fully customizable and you could add coverage outside Spain in case you decide to travel while living here


You can also add coverage outside Spain to your Health Insurance in Spain. You have the following options:

  • Repatriation guarantee: transfer of the insured and a companion to the country of origin in case of death of the insured.
  • Reimbursement add-on: free choice of specialist and medical centre with the option to set a cap of €150,000 or €300,000 for your trips abroad.


You can also customize your insurance policy through a wide range of additional cover options:

  • Pharmacy: with Sanitas your medicine at half price.
  • Alternative medicine: homoeopathy and acupuncture; a different option for looking after your health.
  • Optical Cover: your glasses and contact lenses will cost half price.
  • Family assistance: qualified help for your family in unforeseen situations.

Additional Information About Sanitas

Sanitas is one of the most important and recognized Health Insurance Companies in Spain. They offer a full medical coverage for international students and expats studying or working in Spain

Sanitas has been a member of the BUPA Group (British United Provident Association) since 1989. It is a world-leading international private healthcare group.

BUPA has no shareholders and reinvests the profit from its business activity in providing more and better healthcare services with the goal of offering longer, healthier and happier lives.


Sanitas guarantees quality private medical care, from prevention to the most complex treatment, with no waiting lists, with access to consultations and diagnostic testing through the most prestigious and comprehensive medical network on the market.

More than 40,000 professionals0%

More than 1.200 care centers0%

4 Sanitas hospitals in Madrid and Barcelona0%

19 Milenium Multi-speciality Centers0%

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