The Best 15 Online Platforms to Rent a Room or Apartments in Madrid

They say that September is the month for new beginnings right? And for a lot of students, auxiliaries and expats that are moving to Spain, a new adventure awaits. Living in a different country is an amazing experience and something to get excited about but it can have its complications at the beginning of your stay.

Spanish students starting university in a different city, exchange students coming to Spain, Expats moving to Spain and people coming back from vacations make September a busy month for landlords, real estate agencies and future tenants. The accommodation search is like a sprint race in which you need to be fast to get the apartment that you want.  If you have pushed the accommodation search until now, be aware that the search for an apartment in Madrid and other cities works like this: First Come First Served.

Bear in mind that it’s not going to be easy, you’ll get a bit stressed out and you will panic at some point, but don’t worry, there’s always a room for you! You just need to know where to look for it.

With the goal of helping you find a roof, we have compiled the best 15 (+1 bonus) online platforms to rent a room or an apartment in Madrid (and anywhere in Spain actually)! We hope that you can use this information to find apartments in Madrid that suit your needs. Let’s go with the list!

1. Idealista – Apartments and Rooms for Rent

Of course, Idealista has to be at the top of the list. It is the biggest online platform that allows you to look for student accommodation as well as apartments in Madrid and around the whole country.


They have over 1 million of accommodation options in Spain from owners and real estate agents that are looking for tenants all around Spain. It does not matter the city that you will be living in Spain, you can always find a student room or an apartment for rent there.

The navigation through the platform is very simple as you will only need to choose the city that you will be moving to in Spain and then you just need to select the neighborhood and the area in a map.


Once you select the area, Idealista will display the apartments and rooms that match your preferences in a list so you can start checking them one by one.


It is a free platform but have in mind that there are some real estate agencies in the platform that charge a commission for renting specific apartments. If you want to avoid the agencies commissions, look for the private listings instead of professional when you open each room or apartment.

Pros of Idealista:

It is a free platform and it is the one with most apartments for rent in Spain. You can directly contact with the landlords and avoid commission costs.

Cons of using Idealista:

The pictures from the rooms and apartments are not always great so you would want to see the apartment before renting it. Also, some of the landlords do not speak good English so you may need someone that helps you in Spain.

Visit Idealista


2. Fotocasa – Apartments in Madrid

Fotocasa is another important platform to search for apartments in Spain. We would not be wrong to assume that it is the second biggest platform just behind idealista.

They also have many apartments and rooms for rent in their platform and, similarly to how idealista works, they put in contact landlords with possible tenants without charging a commission.


If you are looking to rent or share an apartment in Spain you just need to select the appropriate filter and look for the city that you will be living in.

Once you introduce the information, the platform will display the different available options and you can start navigating throught all of them.

To change your housing preferences, you can edit the filters in the left sidebar.


Again, there can also be real estate agencies listing properties, full apartments and rooms in Fotocasa. If you want to avoid the commissions they charge, you just need to look for apartments listed by private owners within each property that you visit.

The pros and cons of Fotocasa are similar to those of Idealista:

Pros of using Fotocasa for accommodation:

Free online platform that connects landlords with potential tenants.  It has many options and it allows the direct contact with the landlords.

Cons of finding accommodation with Fotocasa:

Again, you will most likely want to see the full apartment in person before booking the room. Some of the studios are “owned” by real estate agencies that charge commissions and some home owners will probably not speak great English.

Visit Fotocasa

3. Uniplaces – Student Accommodation

Uniplaces is an international Startup focused on accommodation for international students in Europe. They have thousands of rooms and apartments not only in Spain but all over Europe.

Their platform is made so everything is easy for the student and the landlord as the room pages contain many pictures and even videos sometimes.

apartments in madrid

To look for accommodation in their platform is really simple, just fill in the city that you will be living in, introduce the moving-In and moving-out dates and the platform will display the available rooms and apartments for rent in that area.

Once all the options are displayed you can move around the map to search for different options in different areas. Be careful! It can be addicting!


One of the cool things about uniplaces is that some of the rooms they have for rent are verified by their team and have a video showing the property.

They are one of the online platforms with most apartments listed and you can also search by the university that you will be studying in which may make things easier for you.

Pros of finding accommodation via Uniplaces:

They have a great number of available apartments for rent in Spain and some of them are verified by professionals so you don’t have to worry about visiting the place. Also, they give you a few days at the beginning until you make sure that the property is what you were expecting.

Cons of using Uniplaces to find student accommodation:

The main con is that they charge a service fee for booking the room or apartment through their platform (check the bonus though). Also, not all the apartments are verified and they can’t be visited.

Visit Uniplaces

4. Spotahome – Accommodation for Students & Professionals

Spotahome is another online platform targeted to both students and expats that are moving to Spain. They connect national and international residents with rooms and apartments available for rent in Spain. Similar to Uniplaces, they also have listings in other European cities.

They offer a simple yet safe process of finding a place to live in Spain. Their platform is very complete and it is characterized for the awesome pictures and videos that they have of the apartments.


Similarly to most of the housing companies mentioned already, you just need to introduce the city that you want to live in, your desired dates and you’ll obtain the different options.

You will also have a map that you can use to navigate through the different areas of the selected city. Once you select a specific room or apartment, you will be able to see all the amazing images, videos and features of the specific listing. The information provided is very complete.


One thing characteristic of Spotahome is the video reviews of the apartments. They show the whole apartment and explain where all the stuff is. It is a very good virtual tour of your future home.

Pros of using Spotahome to find accommodation:

The quality of the pictures as they are taken by professional photographers. Their videos are also very good to provide an insight on how the apartment really is. You will know what to expect when you move to Spain.

Cons of Spotahome:

They charge a booking fee and not all the apartments are verified by the company or have videos of the place. Finally, the apartments cannot be visited in advance.

Visit Spotahome

5. Beroomers – Student Accommodation

Beroomers is also one of those companies born to help international students find a place to live in Spain. Based in Valencia, they have tons of listings in the most important cities of Spain as well as in London, New York and Boston.


Similar to how uniplaces and Spotahome work, you just need to introduce your preferred city, your desired dates and “BAM!” tons of options will be displayed.

Beroomers also displays a map that you can navigate to look for other apartments near the area that you want to be living in.


The apartment pages have a lot of useful information about the different rooms including good pictures of the whole apartment.

Pros of using Beroomers to find an apartment:

All the apartments and rooms have good pictures. They also have many different options in the different cities.

Cons of Beroomers:

They do not include videos in their properties and the rooms are not verified. Also, rooms and apartments cannot be visited before.

Visit Beroomers

6. Airbnb – Apartments in Spain

The famous travelling-related platform can be also used for finding accommodation for living in Spain for a few months. It is very intuitive and easy to use and it has a wide range of quality homes and locations all over Spain.


The platform is very intuitive and chances are that you have already used this accommodation platform so you know how it works. If you haven’t used AirBnB before, I’m sure you will have no problem navigating through it as it is very easy to use.


Pros of finding apartments with Airbnb:

You can customize your search easily, list apartments by size, look for more expensive and more comfortable places is also possible here. It is a very big platform with a reliable customer support system and good pre-sale information. They have discounts for long stays.

Cons of Airbnb:

Not usually used for more than 2-3 weeks so few landlords would be interested in 4 months stays and they will be more expensive than other platforms. It’s tot the typical student accommodation platform for an Erasmus student. They charge fees for the service and the cleaning.

TIP! Get a 30€ discount on your Airbnb adventure! 


Visit Airbnb

7. Badi App – Apartments in your Phone

Badi App is a Mobile Phone based app used for finding the perfect roommate in Spain. It’s goal is to connect people to share an apartment in Spain and they focus in the tenant personality to create the match.

The search panel is very simple and it is based on your current location. You can also select the area that you want to be living in and start looking for your roommates there!



Pros of using the Badi App:

Peer to Peer accommodation platform that does not charge commission for the renting of rooms. You will know who your roommates are and you can connect with them before deciding to rent the room. It is very easy to use and navigate through.

Cons of finding accommodation using the Badi App:

The pictures of the apartments are not great and you can only search for shared apartments. You are not able to look for full apartments for rent in Madrid.

Visit Badi App

8. Madrid Easy – Student Housing

Madrid Easy is another Company that offers a lot of apartments in Madrid and other cities both for students and professionals. They have also the “host family” as an accommodation option.

They are mostly focused on apartments and rooms for rent in Madrid.


Pros of Madrid Easy:

The platform is easy to navigate and they have the “host family” accommodation option.

Cons of  finding apartments with Madrid Easy:

Not as many rooms and students accommodation options as in other platforms. They charge a fee for renting a room or an apartment.

Visit Madrid Easy

9. Aluni – Student Rooms

Aluni is another student accommodation platform that has a many student apartments and accommodation options mainly in Madrid.

They collaborate directly with universities and have been providing student accommodation for almost 20 years.


Pros of using Aluni to find a shared apartment in Madrid:

Their experience and relationship with universities.

Cons of Aluni:

They don’t have as many apartments in Madrid for students as other platforms. They charge a service fee for providing accommodation.

Visit Aluni

10. DFlat Housing – Apartments in Madrid

DFlat Housing focuses mainly on accommodation for postgraduate students in Madrid. They have agreements with IE Business School and other academic entities in Madrid.

Their student accommodation options include all the services (internet, water, gas…)

apartments in madrid

Pros of DFlat Housing:

It is easy to use and they have agreements with the business schools in Madrid.

Cons of DFlat Housing:

Not as many options and limited pictures of the apartments in Madrid.

Visit DFlat Housing

11. Erasmoos Rooms – Madrid Student Rooms

Erasmoos Rooms is also targeted for undergraduate students that are looking for an apartment to be shared with other students in Madrid.

They provide student accommodation services in the center of Madrid.


Pros of the Erasmoos Rooms for students:

Their apartments in Madrid are located in the center of Madrid. The student apartments in Madrid are very well equipped as most of them are recently renewed.  They don’t charge a service fee which is great!

Cons of Erasmoos Rooms:

Not many options for accommodation. Their webpage can be hard to find.

Visit Erasmoos Rooms

12. Mundial Rooms

Mundial rooms is an agency that provides accommodation for students and Young professionals that are living in Madrid.

They offer different types of accommodation options: Economic, Standard, Premium and Luxury.


mundial rooms for students

Pros of using Mundial Rooms to find a room in Madrid:

Easy to navigate and easy to search for apartments in Madrid.

Cons of the Mundial Rooms for students:

They don’t have as many accommodation options and they only have apartments in Madrid.

Visit Mundial Rooms

13.Piso Compartido – Rommates Madrid

Piso Compartido offers apartments and rooms both for students and Young professionals in Spain.

Their search engine is very easy to use and you can search for rooms or roommates in the most important Spanish cities.


Pros of Piso Compartido:

You can search both for rooms or roommates and the platform is very easy to use. They don’t charge a service fee for the accommodation services.

Cons of Piso Compartido:

They don’t have that many rooms and apartments and the pictures are not great.

Visit Piso Compartido

14. Easy Piso – Madrid Rooms

Easy Piso has been around since 2004 and they have many accommodation options not just in Spain but all over the world.


easy piso - accommodation madrid

Pros of Easy Piso to find your piso:

The options that they have available and the simple accommodation search panel.

Cons of Easy Piso:

You need to register to begin your search of apartment.

Visit Easy Piso

15. InmoRooms – Madrid Rooms

Inmorooms is a company that has different student apartments in Madrid. They have the rooms and apartments in the center of Madrid and their search platform is very easy to use.


Pros of Inmorooms:

The location of the apartments in Madrid.

Cons of Inmorooms:

They don’t have as many apartments for rent as other platforms and the pictures could be improved.

Visit InmoRooms

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Pros of using Pack to Spain:

We are just awesome, aren’t we?

Cons of Pack to Spain:

Nothing I can really think of… 😉


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