Basics Pack

With the basic services that you will need in Spain

Basics Pack

With the Basics Pack you will get the basic stuff that you need to get settled in Madrid!

You will have the bank account, the public transport card and a SIM Card ready upon your arrival to Madrid. With this package you will not have to worry about waiting long lines to set up an account or get the transport card as everything will be ready when you get here!

A Spanish Bank Account to control your money

The Public Transport Card to travel around the city

And a Spanish SIM Card to use in your unlocked phone

The services that you need to get settled

When moving to Madrid you will most likely need to set up these service so why not do it in advance to avoid future headaches?

Forget about waiting long lines

Do not worry about waiting in the bank to be received by someone who does not speak English or making an apointment to get your transport card in two weeks. We will do it for you so you can just relax and focus on other important stuff!

We'll make everything simple

We know that there are a lot of complicated procedures that you need to go through when moving abroad so we just want to make things easy and understandable. We’ll explain everything in a simple way.

Ready on your first day!

The first days in Madrid should be about discovering the city and getting to know your area, not about doing all the complicated procedures, right? That’s why we will have everything ready for you upon your arrival!

How is the process of getting the Basics Pack?

The process is really simple, you can see how it works in the following steps

living in spain

1. Purchase the Basics Pack in our webpage

This is a simple step, you just need to add the package to the cart and complete the purchase process. Once you complete the purchase process you will receive a confirmation email.

expats and students living in spain

2. We will send you a confirmation email with some questions

After you purchase the service we will send you an email with specific questions about where you will be studying and when you are arriving to Madrid. In that email we will also ask you to send us a copy of your passport and a passport size picture.

Reply to our email

3. Respond to our questions and send the required documents

We’ll wait until you send us your reply and the documents that we need to start preparing the services. The Passport Copy and the Passport Size picture are required to prepare the bank account, the transport card and the SIM Card.

services living in spain

4. We will prepare the services with the information that you sent

Once we have all the documents and information we will start preparing the services so you can have them ready when you arrive to Madrid. You will only need to send us a couple of emails before we have everything ready. It’s that simple!


5. We’ll hand you everything on your first day!

Since we will know when you are arriving to Madrid we will agree on the perfect date to give and explain you how the bank account, the transport card and the sim card work. We are flexible so we can meet wherever suits you best!

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