Bubble Soccer Madness

Do you want to have fun while doing exercise, meet people and release some stress? Well, Bubble Soccer is for you then!

Welcome to the second activity of the Pack to Spain Club!

The activity consists on 1 hour of bubble soccer with other international friends. 

Bubble Soccer is very similar to soccer but without fouls. Yes, there are no fouls. That’s where the bubbles come in and they have two main purposes: the first one is to protect the player from head to knees while the second one is to tackle other players without getting hurt.

Sounds fun, doesn’t it? To have a better understanding of Bubble Soccer, check out this video…

You can come by yourself or you can come with a few friends to make your own team!

Get your tickets here and invite your friends!

What does the activity include? 

• 1 Hour of Bubble Soccer

• Playing material

• Instructor/Referee

• Pack to Spain Photographer

What you need to bring:

• Sports clothing and footwear

• A couple friends (optional)

At the end of the session we can see the pictures and comment the best plays.


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