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Rooms and apartments in Madrid

Since finding accommodation in Madrid is really important to enjoy the experience of studying or working in Spain we have at your disposal thousands of apartments and rooms for rent in Madrid. You can navigate, choose and book a room among the best apartments in Madrid.

How to find apartments in Madrid

apartments in Madrid

1. Search for the apartment in Madrid that suits your needs

There are many rooms and apartments for rent available in Madrid. You just need to search among the different options to find the one that suits you best. You can navigate through them using the map above or you can search by university or the neighborhood that you want to live in.


2. Specify the move-in and move-out dates to check availability

When searching through the different apartments in Madrid you need to specify the move-in and out dates to ensure that the room is available. You can also filter by rooms, price and many different options to help you look for the place place to live in Madrid.


3. Request to book the apartment in Madrid that you liked most

After you have navigated through the available apartments and rooms you can request to book the one that you like most. You’ll need to pay in advance the rent of the first month and the service fee. Use the code “PACKTOSPAIN17” to get a 25% discount on that service fee!


4. Sign the contract with the landor upon your arrival to Madrid

Once everything is confirmed and checked by the landlord you will receive a confirmation. Then, once you arrive to Madrid, you will have time to ensure that the room is what you were looking for and you’ll sign the rental contract.


5. Get your keys and start enjoying this amazing city!

Finally, after the contract of the room in Madrid is signed and you have checked that everything is fine, you will get your keys and start enjoying life in Madrid! Well, you will have to move-in all your stuff but after that, the city is all yours!

Need help finding an apartment in Madrid?

If you can’t find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll do everything that we can to help you find the room that you need. You know, we are here to help!

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