7 Things You Shouldn’t Do in San Fermines

I’m sure that most of you have heard about the crazy week in Pamplona where people dressed in white and red decide to run in front of many bulls. Yes, I’m talking about San Fermines and it is not just about the running of the bulls, it’s about the party, the people and the experience!

If you are going or thinking about it here are 7 tips that will help you “survive” this amazing tradition and get the most out of it:

1. Do not try to pet the bulls

I don’t know how familiar you are with the bulls but they are probably not having fun and they are aggressive so be as far as you can from them! If for some reason you are running with them, we recommend that you don’t try to touch them as a little mistake on your part may result in a bad accident. You will just make them angry and that is not recommended.

San Fermín is a party that you should enjoy! Be thoughtful and you’ll double the fun!


2. Don’t run before the bulls if you are not ready

Before going to Pamplona you probably have seen a bull run and probably think that it does not look that complicated as the streets are packed with people running, right? Well, let me tell you, there is no greater mistake in San Fermínes than that.

If you have never run before such a majestic animal, San Fermín is not the best place to “try”. The bulls are big, and by big I mean 500 kg. big; and a single fall can result in a bad accident. If you don’t know how to move around the streets packed of people and you have not run before, we recommend that you enjoy the show in one of the balconies  or in the bullring.


3. Don’t run in front of the bulls if you are drunk

You’ve heard that you should not drive after drinking right? Well, the same thing applies to the running of the Bulls in San Fermín. It does not matter if you are Usain Bolt or the best marathon runner, if you have been drinking, please do not run in front of the bulls! They are fast, seriously, and even if you think you are, you are not in a condition to dodge them.

Running in front of the bulls is complicated and not recommended even if you are sober so imagine what could happen with a couple of drinks on you. We are sure that you will enjoy it more if you just watch the running of the bulls from the stands.


4. Do not wear extra nice clothes or bring expensive stuff!

San Fermín is famous for the running of the bulls but also for the wine and the party all around the city. You are probably going to be drunk at some point and having nice clothes is not the best choice as they will be stained with wine. Even if you are not drunk, someone will be and they will probably spill their wine over you… be prepared and bring an extra t-shirt!

Also, and sadly, there are burglars around the city so try not to bring fancy purses and do not show off your wallet or cellphone too much.


5. Don’t jump out of the Navarreria fountain

It is not a good tradition. People clim the Navarreria fountain and jump thinking that this is a concert but it really isn’t and you are probably going to end up hurt in the ground.

Remember, the ultimate goal of San Fermines  is to have fun and you can’t have fun if you are hurt!


6. Sounds obvious but…don’t get angry!

The streets are going to be crowded, people will be drinking and someone will probably stumple upon you, spill a bit of wine on your white clothes and its going to be hot in there…but remember, that’s why you came to San Fermines! The people, the party, the fun…don’t let anything bad get on your head and enjoy the experience as much as possible.

It is a fun tradition and the experience will be worth it in the end!



7. And, of course…do not dare to not have fun!

Yes, have fun. That’s why you decided to come and that’s what you should do! Get a couple of friends and join a big group. The experience is always better when you are with more people!

And that’s where our friends from Your Little Spain come in! They are organizing a big trip to enjoy San Fermines on July 9th. There will be over 70 exchange students, spaniards and international buddies that will enjoy San Fermines! Check them out and get ready for one of the most known traditions in Spain.




Their trip includes a tshirt, the typical red bandana and a welcome beer!



Alejandro Luengo

CEO & Founder of @packtospain. Entrepreneur | English and Spanish speaking | Always seeking new challenges and building stuff

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