3 Awesome Tapas Bars You Should Check

Okay, we’ve mentioned a few times that we are here to help, right? Well, this isn’t going to be an exception.

We will eventually post some places where we love to stay! Not only places to party but also restaurants, bars, museums and other places to visit.

We think that the perspective from the locals like us can be very helpful. Why? Because some of the places we discuss in this article are the typical places where locals hang out and they are somewhat complicated to find online.

This is a really special section for us and, of course, it is completely based on our tastes so we could say that we are being a bit subjective.

You may even find us in one of these bars!

El Tigre

El Tigre is in the heart of Madrid, a few steps away from Sol square.

It is one of the many non-famous bars on our always growing Street Smarts list for you. For those of you that are not very familiar with Spanish cuisine, tapas are one of the most famous foods here. We looooove them!

I wish there was a place where you had the chance to enjoy a big plate of tapas and 1/2 liter of cold beer… Oh wait, El Tigre is actually offering you that, and for only 5 euros. It’s a huge bar, with special tables on the wall and barrels that can be used as tables.

Tortilla, croquetas, patatas bravas, embutido… are just some of the tapas that you can taste here. It’s usually super crowded but it is worth the hustle. We recommend that you go there early though.

El Tigre Madrid


Mercado Provenzal

Come on! I’m sure you have already heard about this place. One of the most famous franchises in the capital. It’s known because of its low prices in food, and mostly in beer (they have the cheapest yet good beer in the city).

They have a wide variety of food too: tapas, pizzas… even breakfast is served here, which is a great option in the mornings, avoiding the high prices of a normal coffee in the street. There are a lot of Mercados Provenzales around the city, and they are almost always full of young people.

Cool furniture and better atmosphere, Mercado Provenzal is totally a must!

Mercado provenzal madrid


Don Oso

Don’t tell us about Burguer King or McDonalds please (okay we completely admit that the double mex burguer which was offered by mcdonalds for 3 months was the best burguer ever, but still).

Don Oso is the place. Not cool style, not cool furniture. This isn’t the place where you will bring your lovely boyfriend/girlfriend to have a romantic dinner.

However…what a quality of hamburgers, and what an amazing price! It’s complicated to find better price per value food in Madrid like that. We completely recommend you to go there and we promise that you’ll not be disappointed.

Don Oso Madrid


We hope that this information is good for you!

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Alejandro Novoa
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